Site Assessments


ASC has conducted soil and groundwater site assessments under regulatory supervision from several State Environmental Regulatory agencies within the United States. ASC also has experience conducting Site Investigations under the supervision of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ASC has the capability to efficiently delineate groundwater and soil contamination. ASC utilizes direct-push drill rigs that can quickly install monitoring wells or sampling points at specific depths to determine the horizontal and vertical extent of a groundwater plume. Shallow soil contamination can be quickly delineated in the field by ASC personnel using our small, hydraulic soil drilling rig and various field instruments, including photo-ionization detector (PID), and other field instruments. Sampling point locations are logged in the field using an accurate handheld GPS device, which is later post-processed for improved accuracy.

Once the field investigation is complete ASC compiles the data into spreadsheets and then incorporates the data into modeling software that neatly illustrate the location and extent of the groundwater or soil contaminant plume. This information is then used to provide a well informed decision for any further action.