Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments

The purpose of the Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is to evaluate the recognized environmental conditions (REC’s) identified in a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment or transaction screen process for the purpose of providing sufficient information regarding the nature and extent of contamination to assist in making informed business decisions about the property. Where applicable, a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment can be used for providing the level of knowledge necessary to satisfy the innocent purchaser defense under CERCLA. A Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment can also be initiated without a completed Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment as long as contamination is known or is suspected to be on the property.

ASC conducts Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment in general accordance with the ASTM Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessment: Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Process (E-1903).  However, all projects that require a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment do not necessarily require the level of investigation required by the ASTM Standard. ASC will conduct a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment based on the requirements of the client and what we would consider a thorough and defensible investigation based on our professional opinion.