About Us

Associated Sciences Corporation is efficiently managed by our President, William Enos. Mr. Enos founded Associated Sciences Corporation in 1998 with the primary focus of the business directed toward conducting professional environmental consulting that offers reliable advice and sound recommendations for a wide range of clients. Mr. Enos has over 30-years of environmental experience working on projects that include Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, regulatory site assessments, soil and groundwater investigations, soil and groundwater remediation, hydrologic and hydrogeological investigations, and regulatory compliance.

Key Personnel
William Enos, PG, President / Environmental Professional
Bachelor of Science, Geology, Old Dominion University
Professional Geologist, Florida
Participating Member, ASTM International, Committee E-50, Environmental, and D-18, Soil and Rock
Over 20 years conducting Phase 1/2 ESA’s using the ASTM E-1527 Standard Practice
Considered an Environmental Professional by 40 CFR 312 definition
Over 30 years of diverse environmental experience
Compliant with 29 CFR 1910.120

Over the time that Associated Sciences Corporation has been in business, we have formed many associations with other consultants and businesses so that we can offer diverse services to our clients. Using these relationships, Associated Sciences Corporation can offer clients services outside our expertise that they may need during a project, rather then hiring a company whose services are all encompassing but with greater overhead. The services our associates provide may include wetland delineation/wetlands mitigation, storm water permitting, structural and civil engineering, and field geophysical investigations.

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