Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments by Associated Sciences Corporation

Associated Sciences Corporation (ASC) is a Geological and Environmental Consulting company that offers fairly priced  Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports, prepared in the generally accepted “Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Process”, as defined in ASTM E-1527, and in 40 CFR 312 (All Appropriate Inquiry). 

ASC is offering to complete Phase I ESA Reports for new clients starting at $1,700.00.  Contact ASC at 904-797-5951.

ASC has completed projects for industrial parks requiring site-wide environmental compliance, site assessments/site investigations and remedial investigations under state and federal environmental regulations, hydrogeological projects including well and well field design, and hydrologic studies in streams and estuaries.

ASC was incorporated in 1998 and has become an established Professional Geological and Environmental consulting business, located in St. Augustine, Florida.  ASC conducts work regionally, and is registered with the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Board of Geology, as a Geology Business.

Our environmental consulting business conducts professional services in the following areas of service:  Environmental Site Assessments: Phase 1 and 2; Site Investigations/Site Assessments; and, Soil, Groundwater, and Surface Water sampling. Our Geological business consists of Well and Well Field Design, Hydrogeological Studies, Hydrologic Studies, and Geologic Site Evaluation.

ASC can provide shallow soil boring services using a small drill rig for projects where the soil types, structure, and extent of soil types need to be determined. This small drilling rig is trailer-mounted and can be removed for operation in tight places and even inside of buildings.  Shallow subsurface soil borings for foundation examination and repair can also be conducted using this equipment.

We understand that with each project, ASC will strive to meet our clients specific needs and will provide reliable, professional advice and solutions to their concerns.  Please contact Associated Sciences Corporation with any questions that you have about our services.

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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

ASC’s primary business is to provide an accurate and affordable Phase 1 ESA report that clients can rely on for their specific use.  The cost for a Phase 1 ESA starts at $1,700.00 lump sum.  Project time is billed at $125.00 per hour.  Contact us for further information.

Experienced Personnel

ASC’s principal has over 30-years of comprehensive environmental experience. He has been a participating member of ASTM International for 20-years in the Environmental, and Soil and Rock Committees.  He is considered an Environmental Professional under 40 CFR 312.

Quality of Work

ASC prepares Phase 1 ESA’s in accordance with ASTM E-1527 guidelines. Other client documents are prepared in strict accordance with State and Federal Regulatory Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures.